Like an actionable hashtag

Cut out search, detours and distractions and take folk straight to your product, promotion or the checkout.

simple/phrase works across all ad channels to make your campaigns memorable, measurable and actionable.

And with built-in geopromotion and emojis, advertising has never been so 😀

Four fantastic features. A whole world of benefits.

Your own universal hashtag

Use a simple/phrase in a specific ad campaign, or to support your entire brand. And because they work brilliantly across all ad channels everything – yes, everything – is measurable.  You're welcome.

Geo-promotion made easy

Promoting widgets worldwide? Wonderful. Just in Joe's WidgetMarts? Roger that. Our platform enables sophisticated location-based campaigns that drive purchasing decisions and footfall.

Millions of phrases, phrases for me

Not only are there millions of simple/phrases, but each can open up a whole world of content: web, app or call a contact center. And everything is available in six global languages. Incroyable!

No apps or downloads necessary

There's usually an app for that. Well good news, folks – there isn't for this. Just type a simple/phrase into any browser and #gowithoutsearch. And because our clever tech runs on Google's infrastructure, we don't slow yours down.

Teaming with sophistication

Who's behind this peculiar product?  A long-standing group of creatives, dev ops and marketeers passionate about making your ads memorable, measurable, monumental and magnificently momentous. Yes, way!


Suit & co-founder

A Northern Englishman by training, word-play has been central to his very existence since the late 1970s.  Prior to simple/phrase he was a PR consultant and ran a consumer business - both after spending unfathomable years as an equity analyst in London.


Hoodie & co-founder

Bringing indomitable intelligence to an otherwise low-rent concern - his coding skills in Go and C++ are, predictably, legendary.  Few people know he previously worked for a modelling agency in Paris. Still fewer appreciate it was strictly in a back-office capacity.

Or just complete the form. Either way, we look forward to making your ads the most memorable this planet has ever seen.